New Partners in Progress website offers latest resources, best practices

Partners in Progress, SMACNA, and SMART’s joint labor-management initiative just launched its newly redesigned website: The new site offers a wealth of customer-focused resources, expertise information, and best practices available for contractors and local unions alike.

In addition to the facelift—which can be viewed on computers, laptops, mobile devices, and cellphones—the redesign directs potential clients to signatory sheet metal contractors and provides business development resources and best practices for locals, contractors, and training centers. Users may also click directly to the Partners in Progress Facebook and Twitter webpages.

Visitors can find a contractor on the redesigned website’s customer section, which leads to SMACNA’s member directory online. (Contractor listings are based on data member companies have provided in their online profiles.)

The new site also promotes sheet metal and HVAC expertise. The site encourages visitors to select sheet metal contractors with the proper expertise and provides links to the three Expertise, (architectural sheet metal), and These Expertise websites were developed by the Best Practices Market Expansion Task Force.

In addition to directing potential customers to SMACNA contractors, these sites help users gain a clearer understanding of the importance of selecting a sheet metal contractor with the right expertise. Additional customer-focused sections cover the SMART Code of Excellence and Green Expertise.

The revamped Partner’s site also offers a variety of labor-management resources and best practices that have been developed and collected by the Best Practices Task Force. Best Practices “how-to” guides, a photo library, and professional Expertise ads, which can be customized by contractors and chapters for marketing, are available to members of affiliated organizations.

Electronic issues of the Partners in Progress magazine are also available. You can change your magazine subscription preferences too. You may read news and press releases, apply to participate in the Expertise branding program and use the Expertise logos, view schedules, see presentations from past and upcoming Partners in Progress Conferences, and more.

Register for your free account by visiting On the home page, click the login button on the top right. (All applications will be reviewed before approval.)

Check out the new Partners in Progress website and learn what these great resources can do for you.