2017 Business Management University will exceed your expectations

SMACNA’s Business Management University, Feb. 26 to March 2, 2017, in Tempe, Ariz., is one of the industry’s most highly regarded and longest-running programs. Consistently exceeding contractors’ expectations, you will study the industry’s newest ideas and best practices to master running a successful sheet metal and HVAC company.

What are participants saying about SMACNA’s Business Management University?

  • “The program went above and beyond my expectations.”
  • “It was very, very useful to me, and gave me a better understanding of how to best run my company.”
  • “The program blew away my expectations.”

It will exceed your expectations too. Studying real-world business practices with top-name construction industry experts and professors, you will learn financial management, strategic planning, change order management, contractor survival skills, negotiation, time management, leadership, and productivity.

You will return to your business ready to hit the ground running to implement these exciting new methods and strategies learned.

Watch the SMACNA website for registration details coming soon, and register on SMACNA’s National Educational Programs webpage. If you sign up by the early-bird deadline you will save money. Additional attendees from the same company also receive a discount.

For more information, contact Bridgette Bienacker, SMACNA’s director of business management and membership at bbienacker@smacna.org.

SMACNA’s New Silica Exposure Model Safety Program Available

Breathing silica dust can cause a variety of serious respiratory ailments. Protect your workers and learn how to comply with OSHA’s new standard on worksite silica exposure with SMACNA’s new Silica Exposure Prevention Model Program—free to members only.

The new rule, which OSHA issued in March, is written as two standards, one for construction and one for general industry and maritime workplaces.

For the construction industry and affected SMACNA contractors, potential silica exposure can be found in tasks that include drilling, cutting, and grinding silica-containing materials such as concrete and stone.

For SMACNA contractors, a typical task affected by this new rule would be setting duct or pipe hangers into concrete ceilings. Most employers can limit exposureosha to silica dust by using work practices and equipment that are readily available today, such as wet methods and vacuum dust collection systems.

SMACNA’s Silica Exposure Prevention Model Program includes roles and responsibilities, exposure control methods, engineering and work practice controls, a fact sheet with major provisions, and a summary of OSHA respiratory compliance requirements.

SMACNA members can download a free copy on the Safety Model Programs section of  SMACNA’s Safety webpage.

The full requirements of the OSHA rule for the construction industry become effective June 23, 2017. Visit the OSHA silica website to learn details on the new standards.

Take advantage of SMACNA’s Safety and Health Policies, Procedures, and Model Programs, which provide this free silica program and more free safety and health programs. You can also customize these model programs to meet your unique needs.

For more information, contact Mike McCullion, SMACNA’s director of market sectors and safety (mmccullion@smacna.org / (703) 995-4027).

Jack Knox Elected SMACNA President-Elect

Jack Knox Elected SMACNA President-Elect

SMACNA’s Board of Directors installed its Executive Committee to serve from Oct. 19, 2016 to Oct. 25, 2017. Their terms began Oct. 19 at the close of SMACNA’s 73rd Annual Convention.

Following is a list of new officers:

SMACNA Executive Committee

Joseph R. Lansdell
Poynter Sheet Metal, Inc.—Bloomington, Ind.

Jack Knox
R.F. Knox Company, Inc.—Smyrna, Ga.

Nathan Dills
ACP Sheet Metal Co., Inc.—Oklahoma City, Okla.

Vice President
Angela M. Simon
Western Allied Mechanical—Menlo Park, Calif.

Immediate Past President
Guy Gast
The Waldinger Corp.—Des Moines, Iowa

Jack, congratulations and thank you for your dedication and commitment to the industry!

FMI Construction Outlook Q3 2016

The construction industry has largely recovered from the recession, at least in terms of billions of dollars in construction put in place. Up until the last two years, it seemed like a very slow recovery, but then the return to growth blossomed. The acceleration of growth in the past couple of years wasn’t a complete surprise. However, fresh memories of the recession kept some companies from hiring until everyone else started hiring to the point where labor shortages in the industry became a big issue. Pent-up demand was set free in almost every construction sector.

The economy is still adding jobs, and people are buying homes and spending money on consumer and durable goods, but not as much as before the recession, or enough to boost the Consumer Price Index. So, what do we see now for future growth? Continued slow growth in most areas, but, as noted above, those billions add up.

FMI’s Construction Outlook Q3 2016 Report (PDF)

Dear SMACNA Member: SMACNA’s Technical eLibrary

SMACNA’s technical library is now available as a subscription cloud-based service. As a SMACNA member or SMACNA chapter, your organization has received one free subscription to the full 37-title SMACNA technical library and all the CADD files in Architectural Sheet Metal Manual, 7th Edition.

Check Out Your Free Subscription Library

To access your free subscription:

  • Go to the SMACNA home page at www.smacna.org and log in with your SMACNA user name and password*.
  • Click the SUBSCRIPTIONS button at the top right of the SMACNA homepage. That will take you to the new Subscription Store.
  • Select the eLibrary tab to see all of the free titles in your subscription account.

This member benefit is not subject to annual subscription renewal fees. The subscription will never expire unless your firm is no longer a SMACNA member.

One of the best things about your free subscription is that every person at your company will have access to your SMACNA subscription. You may have an unlimited number of people using the eLibrary at any given time, but only one person per title at the same time.

Special Member Prices

If you like what you see, you may purchase additional “user seats” to enable concurrent use of a document, at the very low member discounted price. That way more than one person can access the most popular titles at the same time.

For a limited time, members and chapters may purchase a second annual subscription to the entire SMACNA eLibrary for only $245. After December 31, 2016 the price for a one-year subscription to the complete eLibrary will be $419. Members can purchase additional subscriptions to specific documents at the much lower, member price.

Remember you already have one free complete subscription that entitles you access to all of the SMACNA technical titles as a SMACNA member benefit.

Your Questions Answered

If you have more questions about SMACNA’s new Subscription Store, check out the FAQ for answers.

Need Help Getting Your SMACNA Credentials?

*Need help accessing your SMACNA user name and password? Follow these easy steps or email membership@smacna.org

Follow these easy steps to log in to the members-only site:

  • Go to www.smacna.org
  • Click on the red Login button in the upper, right-hand corner, of the website.
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